Established in 2018, Members Health, provides large employers with a private direct to Doctor 24/7/365 digital health and wellness benefit for their employees and dependents.


Our team of Doctors, Specialists, Surgeons and Mental Health Professionals rapidly assess, diagnose, treat and assist our members.

Front Line Physician Role

Remote – on call – Physician services to our members, with the full support of our management, medical and admin teams.


Physicians’ login to our EMR through our secure laptops and mobile phones, then meet with the Patients via video, as pre-scheduled by our Care Team.

Shift Compensation

If you are interested in learning more about this flexible yet well compensated role, please contact us.
You select the shifts you wish to work.
Patient Experience
Our patients/members are grateful for your help.
Remote Work
You can work from anywhere.
Zero Costs
Zero ongoing costs, overhead, fees or staff to
worry about.
No Billing Issue
You are paid rapidly and directly by Members Health.
From our 40+ FMD’s, Specialists, Surgeons, Mental Health professionals, Management and Care Team.


Dr. Donald Jones

President & Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Azhar Malik

Chairman - Medical Advisory Board
Members Health recognizes and is deeply grateful to the First Nations, the Métis Nation and Inuit for their immense contributions to Canada. We wholly believe in and support the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, and the 94 "calls to action" (or recommendations) as contained in the final report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to further promote reconciliation between Canadians and Indigenous peoples.
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