Substance Use
Recovery Program

MembersHealth’s Substance Use Recovery Program (SURP) is a full-service program that provides expert support for your members and employees every step of the way through the recovery process.

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Medical Professionals


Mental Health Professionals



How Our Approach
Makes a Difference

MembersHealth’s Substance Use Recovery Program (SURP) is a specialized program focusing on the member’s experience. It offers the following components

Direct contact with Members Health’s clinical management team
for referrals into the Program

In-the-moment support for substance-related issues

Consultations for leadership team


Treatment and referral

Relapse prevention/aftercare

Educational seminars on substance use (i.e., indicators,
approaching others, impacts on work and family, stress

Psychosocial issues (i.e., relationship, family)

Underlying mental health issues (i.e., post-traumatic stress,
anxiety, depression)

Medical support

If you would like to speak to someone about how to access our Substance Use
Recovery Program (SURP) for your organization, please complete the form below:

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